2023 Klondike Winners

1st Place Older Boys – Leadership Corps Patrol2023 Klondike 1st Place – Leadership Coprs1st Place Younger Boys – SharpshootersKlondike 2023 1st Place Younger Boys – Sharpshooters2nd Place Older Boys – Bearcoons Patrol2023 Klondike 2nd Place – Bearcoons Patrol

2022 Klondike Winners

1st Place LC Patrol 2nd Place Patriots Patrol 3rd Place Pheonix Patrol Younger Scouts 1st Place Bearcoons Patrol  

100th Anniversary Celebration

On June 9, 1921, the first charter for Mineola’s Boy ScoutTroop 45 was issued. On Saturday, November 27th, well over 275 people gathered at Jericho Terrace catering hall in Mineola to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Troop 45’s service to the boys and families of Mineola and the surrounding communities. A large part of the… Continue reading 100th Anniversary Celebration