Welcome to Troop 45

Troop 45 has a long and glorious history, and we are very proud to be involved with this Troop.


Scoutmaster Glenn previously participated in Troop 45 as a Scout and became an Eagle Scout in 2010. Moreover, our Committee Chairman, Edwin Mercado, has been involved with the troop for many years. Glenn, along with Edwin and a large group of Assistant Scoutmasters & Troop Committee Members are devoted to providing the best possible program to the youth of our community.


We believe in a "boy run" Boy Scout Troop. Our job is really that of advisor. The boys in the Troop elect their Patrol Leaders and the Senior Patrol Leader and these boys plan and run the program. Our job as adult leaders is to make sure the boys have the tools they need to run their program effectively and to be aware of health and safety concerns.


We are indeed lucky in Troop 45 to have a long history of dedicated adult leaders. That trend continues today and we are blessed with devoted Assistant Scoutmasters and Troop Committee Members who work very hard for our boys. Troop 45 is not a Troop that rests on our past achievements but rather a Troop with an active exciting program.


We are very fortunate to have an outstanding young man as our Senior Patrol leader, Sal Maher, Troop 45 is proud to have Sal at the helm.


Please feel free to bring any concerns you may have to us at any time. The one desire all the adult leaders of our Troop share is to provide the best program for the boys in Troop 45. I hope you’ll join us in making sure that we do that for all the boys in our Troop.