Troop 45 is unique among Boy Scout Troops in that it has it’s own Adult Scouter Award, the Troop 45 Silver Stallion.  Similar to the Council’s Silver Beaver Award, our Silver Stallion is the highest award our Troop can bestow upon an adult volunteer.  It is awarded to an adult whose actions and involvement have furthered the Troop 45 Program for the Scouts of our Troop.

The names below are but a partial listing of Troop 45 Silver Stallions.  One of the real tragedies of Troop 45 is that we have no idea when the Troop started awarding Silver Stallions nor do we have a complete listing of all Silver Stallion award winners.

Should you either have some details about the history of the Silver Stallion or have other names to add to our list of Silver Stallion winners, please email the Troop at:

Silver Beaver Award

Silver Beaver Award

Joseph Bereswill (2018)

Donald McMahon (2008-09)

Frank D’Elia III (2001-02)

William (Bill) Kempner (2000-01)

Steven M. Grosskopf (1996-97)

Rudolf Punzman (1985-86)

Frank Pewarski (1978-79)

Frank Franz (1970-71)

John W. Svoboda (1954-55)

Silver Stallion Award

Silver Stallion Award

Eric Leiter (2024)

Rich Bongiorno (2024)

Qamar Mahmood (2023)

Harvey Krimco (2022)

William (Bill) Kempner (2022)

Michael Desiderio (2021)

Rich Borgia (2020)

Joseph (Jay) Schneider (2019)

Linda Ramos (2019)

Pastor Chester Easton (2018)

Pat Strauss (2018)

Chris Franz (2017)

Sonny Maher (2017)

Michael Di Sunno (2016)

Billy Duffy (2016)

Davide Scalese (2016)

Arnold Austria (2015)

Paul Duic (2015)

Michael Sinisi (2014)

Kenneth Mueller (2013)

George Durham (2012)

George Becker (2011)

Robert Ammann (2010)

Vincent Buonincontro (2009)

Scott Strauss (2008)

George Carlin (2007)

Marty Garvey (2006)

Oscar Tapias (2006)

Diane Barnett (2005)

Know a name/year, contact us!

Sue Costibile

Dr. Mark “Doc” Buthorn

William Schweiger (2001)

Dan Bartolomeo

Richard Verriest (1999)

Frank D'Elia (1999)

Andrew McInnes (1998)

William Lorusso

Paul Schuber, Sr

Dan Sapanara

Donald McMahon

Andrew Martone

Herbert Franke

Jim Carlson

Steve Grosskopf

Jim Powers

Tom Rumore (1992)

Mike Armstrong

Donald (Don) Franz

Marla Franz

Frank Franz

Ruth Lindsly

Donald Lindsly

Robert Small

Rudolf Punzman

Janice Pewarski

Frank Pewarski

Walter Strauss

John Svododa